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[20 Sep 2012 | Comments Off | ]

What do you do when there is no male line to pass the family business on to? In Japan, the solution is to “adopt” a son-in-law to run it. It’s an interesting cultural divide described a recent BBC article here.

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[3 May 2012 | Comments Off | ]

During his Budget 2012 speech, George Osbourne became pretty exercised about “aggressive tax avoidance”, calling it “morally repugnant”.
Obviously, the whole world stepped back, took notice and addressed their plans in such a way as to ensure that they were trying to match the incredibly high moral standards set by our government and its civil service servants.
Apart, obviously, from the government and the civil service who have continued to allow public sector officials to be paid through service companies to avoid payroll taxes – see article in the Guardian today.
Now that …

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[19 Aug 2011 | Comments Off | ]

Riley are the subject of an interview with Cloud Computing specialists BoxFreeIT in Australia.
You can find the article here.

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[24 Mar 2011 | Comments Off | ]

“Forget the cuts, just fill up your petrol tanks” was the headline in the┬áGuardian this morning. While The┬áTelegraph weighs in with “Osborne puts fuel in the tank, but potholes lie ahead”. I personally wasn’t sure whether these comments were aimed at me or at Muammar Gaddafi until I drove into work this morning and discovered again the enormous pothole on the main road into Plymouth – perhaps it was aimed at us after all?
Having laid his strategy out in sweeping style in the Emergency Budget last year, Osborne maintained his …

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[5 Nov 2010 | Comments Off | ]

One of our alumni, Richard Wyatt-Haines put me onto this blog post today about disruptive innovation. We’ve been banging on for some time about the transformational power of cloud computing and I’m presenting a seminar next week which you can read about here on that topic. Richard’s “heads-up” to this article was therefore the perfect timing because (as usual) I’m still writing the content – quelle surprise.
We all see the disruption produced by the new low cost alternatives in mature markets – just think Easyjet and Ryan Air. The arrogance …

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[24 Sep 2010 | Comments Off | ]

There is a great article from Seth Godin – Quieting the lizard brain – in which he discusses the way in which we prevaricate, delay, resist progress and generally contradict the way in which we should logically approach change. Now I’ve read it I see evidence of the lizard brain behaviour everywhere. These actions are apparently produced by a physical area of the brain called the amygdala and are therefore complex and difficult to control.
So what can we do to drive through a project to completion and to overcome the …

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[22 Jul 2010 | Comments Off | ]

I’ve just finished a webinar with a guy in Australia. An hour of screen demo and chat through my desktop. Nothing new there you might think but there was an interesting generational moment this morning at breakfast.
We were all discussing what we were doing today and (for once) the kids were quite animated as it’s the first day of the summer holidays – there was surfing for one and a friends for the day for the other. My turn came and I mentioned that I had to be in the …

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[11 Jun 2010 | Comments Off | ]

The buzz in accounting software at the moment is about the “cloud”. Actually, it’s not just in accounting software, it’s about all software.
There are many terms being bandied about but the most common seems to be “cloud-based” and “software as a service” or SaaS as it’s known. What it means is that instead of software being resident on your PC or network server, you use software which is stored elsewhere through your internet connection. This has been made possible because of the increase in speed and reliability of internet connections …

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[5 May 2010 | Comments Off | ]

This article in the Independent this morning made me think;
I always find it amazing how rumours spread through our local business community – only this morning I was breathlessly told by two people that one of our clients had “gone bust”. In fact I had met with them very recently to conclude some interesting planning work and knew that they were in rude financial health. I called anyway to see if they knew that the rumours were rife – they did, and in fact could identify the source with some …

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[23 Feb 2010 | Comments Off | ]

Yes, the Riley blog is back after its Christmas and New Year break.

Being away gave me the opportunity to do some reading and one book that I enjoyed and strongly recommend was Irrationality by Stuart Sutherland.

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