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A day in the life of….Val

6 April 2010 No Comment

This article first appeared in Chamberlink…..


I get up, breakfast and help my husband get the children ready for school. This morning involves a complicated hair do for my 8 year old daughter (not so much complicated, actually I am just rubbish at doing hair!) and my 5 year old son is ÔÇÿnot happy with MummyÔÇÖ for some reason or other ÔÇô nothing new there.


As myself (@valdoyle) and Riley (@rileycom) are Twitterers and generally into social media as a whole, I have a quick look on Tweetdeck to see if we have had any mentions and have a look at what fellow tweeters are up to.


After a hit of caffeine I am ready to function. Today I am finishing off some management accounts for a growing medium sized company who import from Europe and the Far East and sell to the UK and Ireland. The same company also require a minor tweak to their financial forecasts which I do and email over to the MD. I have a few emails and phone calls to deal with during the morning. We all have direct lines so we can act immediately.


Lunchtime is a quick bite to eat at my desk (its Friday so something hot from the Spar emporium across the road is called for and whatÔÇÖs this? a chocolate bar has somehow been purchased!).


This afternoon I review the data being produced by our online book keeping function for one of our clients to make sure that the results look as expected and to determine any action points to run through with the client. The online book keeping is proving popular as clients can keep control oftheir business whilst at the same time having the peace of mind that their records are maintained by our experienced team. I make a call to our client to arrange for me to pop out and run through the results with them and discuss business generally.


Time to go home.Plan to bribe the kids to go to bed early with a ÔÇÿDVDÔÇÖ.


The peace is heavenly so a (not unsubstantial) glass of wine is consumed along with a quick look on Facebook to see what my friends, family, colleagues and associates are up to this evening.


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