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All pigs are equal says George (not Orwell)…

3 May 2012 No Comment

During his Budget 2012 speech, George Osbourne became pretty exercised about “aggressive tax avoidance”, calling it “morally repugnant”.

Obviously, the whole world stepped back, took notice and addressed their plans in such a way as to ensure that they were trying to match the incredibly high moral standards set by our government and its civil service servants.

Apart, obviously, from the government and the civil service who have continued to allow public sector officials to be paid through service companies to avoid payroll taxes – see article in the Guardian today.

Now that it’s been brought to their attention (as if they hadn’t approved the policies in each case anyway) they will do something about it (until the media heat wanes and they can find another way).

Now, where’s my copy of Animal Farm?


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