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Shopping – how you could utilise mobile data

20 June 2013 No Comment

Harvard Business Review recently published an article┬áwhich focused on the uses that retailers and others may find for mobile data. One paragraph rang particular bells with me following a conversation I had last week with a retailer lamenting the rise in smart phone usage in his stores…

“But retailers shouldn’t despair when shoppers whip out their smartphones among the product displays. Smartphones could be a retailer’s best friend not just because they can open up new buying opportunities. We believe that the smartphones’ greatest benefit for retailers is that they provide a treasure trove of insights into customers’ in-store behavior.”

The article starts to explain why we must ride waves of technological change rather than fighting them. How can we use the changes in behaviour to enhance the customer experience – not just in shops but hotels, service industries and other businesses.

Go on, think positively and feel good about the opportunities which you might uncover.

If you need some help getting there, give us a call.


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