Up to date, reliable information is a must for any business. Like any accounting firm, we can prepare annual accounts for your enterprise whether you are in business on your own, in partnership, LLP or a company. And in addition we can give you clear, practical guidance on how you can improve the quality of your accounting records.

But more importantly we can explain the simple techniques that can enable you to take the information in your accounts system and use it to manage your finances better in ways that will add to your profits and improve your cash flow.

Interpretation and an action plan for dealing with the findings are key to managing your business and motivating your team.

Audit and assurance services

An audit was once a requirement for all companies but now, sensibly, smaller enterprises are given a choice as to whether they choose to have their accounts checked out in this way.

At Riley our team have worked on audits of businesses ranging from one-person companies up to multinationals with billion-dollar sales. But what matters is how the knowledge that they have developed can be harnessed to help your business.

We don’t just deal with traditional, Companies Act audits – we can bring our experience to bear on a range of other projects as well.

For example, we can advise on fraud prevention and detection in any enterprise. Or we can undertake branch visits to reassure you that the systems you have set in place for controlling both the finances of your business and its reputation through careful attention to customer service or health and safety issues are being properly applied – even when you’re not there!

We have extensive experience of performing ‘due diligence’ work when businesses are bought or sold.

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