Financial projections

To stay afloat and prepare for the future, business owners must prepare for all likely eventualities. Actions by competitors, changing demand patterns and technological developments are just some of the forces outside your control that can impact on the business.

One of the most important aspects of your preparation is cash flow planning. Failure to keep track of cash flow and to act to deal with forthcoming cash famines is the major cause of business failure.

We can work with you to create cashflow projections and advise on cash management to help keep the business cash-positive. We can also advise on cashflow software and create templates for you to maintain.

The essential management information pack

So what really matters in your business? Most businesses can produce reams of data from their accounting and other systems but not much of it is usable information.

This service is designed to identify the key drivers and critical issues in your business and build a reporting structure which gives you critical information in a format that you can use.

And we don’t just leave you with the information, we show you how to interpret it, what it means to your business and what you can do with it to improve performance.

Planning guide for the new business

So there you are, just about to step into self-employment. You’ve got your idea, know the technicalities of your business. And you’re comfortable with what needs to be done, itching to get out on the road or into the factory. But hold on, there’s some stuff that needs to be done, decisions to be made about how to trade; alone, with partners or as a company. And there’s all that tax stuff too – the more you ask, the more complicated it all becomes and all you want is to get on.

Well fret no more. The Riley Planning Guide to the New Business is available here. It’s full of good common sense advice, practical information and should be invaluable as you start your business. OK so this stuff isn’t the most exciting read in the world, but it’s important information that you need before you step into the brave new world you’re about to create.

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