Benchmark your business

Do you stand out from the crowd? Would you like to find out how your business performance compares to your major competitors and industry sector?

We can provide a report covering the major profitability and performance issues in your business. And we can show you how your working capital management compares to your peers.

Benchmarking your business can give you targets to aim for and processes to improve on. Whatever the result, you know where you stand – and what you need to do to compete.

Profit improvement programme

Did you ever get those reports from school – “could do better”? Well, it’s probably also true of your business.

We can help you to identify the blockages in the processes, the things that make your business tick but are neglected, the avoidable cost burden and the cash lock-up in working capital. And we’ll set targets with you for improving the key performance indicators in your business.

We are provocative, tenacious and determined that you shouldn’t settle for second best. It’s no good writing a report and then walking away leaving you to find some benefit. We want to work with you on implementing the changes required to improve your profits.

Expertise by the hour

All businesses go through stages of growth and as your business grows, the need for financial expertise does too. But it’s often too early to employ a financial director or full-time financial controller. You wish you could just have someone to help – one or two days a month would do, but not all year.

With our expertise by the hour service you can have regular financial advice, interpretation of your management accounts and a friendly opinion when you need it. Whether it is a regular board meeting or a one-off project that you need help with, the Riley partners and managers can help.

The comfort of knowing that you can have the finance directors opinion without having the finance director means that you can get on with running your business, secure in the knowledge that when you need help, we’re only a phone call away.

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