Plan on a page – where are you, where are you going, how will you get there?

Have you ever seen one of those business plans, you know the ones – half an inch thick, glossy covers, normally stored under a pile of other useless documents in the bottom drawer? Probably prepared for a finance application or when the business was about to start and never read since. What’s the point?

A business plan is something that must live – be visible, change, constantly provoke you into action and enable you to make clear decisions.

We developed our Plan on a Page workshops to offer just that. An approach to business planning and decision making that starts with a one day workshop and ends with a one page summary of what your business is trying to achieve. The whole process offers a challenging and thought provoking approach that challenges the accepted norms of your business, why it works and what you want it to be; the systems, problems and projects are laid out for you to work on. And it identifies gaps in your thinking, highlights objectives that are unsupported by systems and processes and gives you a framework to hang business change around.

According to our customers it’s also fun, a new way of looking at the business and a focus for the key team members to work on.

Recruitment aid

Survey after survey shows that the number one problem faced by businesses is staffing. Having the right people in place in a business is critical to its success. But in a small company where everyone is busy, the departure of a key person or winning a new contract often means that someone has to be found at a time when everyone’s busy – and then it’s easy to take a short cut which can prove costly in the longer run.

Riley recruitment aid can help you through the processes that can ensure a successful outcome – defining the job, drafting the advert, sifting through the CVs, preparing and taking part in structured interviews, obtaining references, making the offer. And it continues beyond that. You need to have a well-designed induction process to help your new team member get off to a good start, and we can follow up with visits a month or two later to ensure that things are working out from both sides.

To find out just how we can help, contact us today!

Family business issues

Family ownership can bring great advantages to a business – but it can bring major problems, too (see our articles on the topic here).

Management guru Peter Drucker has said that “before the situation becomes acute, the issue of succession should be entrusted to someone neither part of the family nor part of the business.” And not only succession!

We have worked with many family businesses to help with the delicate emotional balances that have to be struck in keeping both the family and the business on track. Whether you believe you need advice on succession issues (‘who’s going to take over from Dad?’) or in dealing with the many issues that can arise, speak to us. We can advise on specific one-off matters or can act as external ‘directors’ through our expertise-by-the-hour support.

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