Routes to success

Are you achieving all you could in your business? Perhaps it’s time for some new thinking…

A number of years ago during one of our periodic strategy sessions at Riley we were discussing how we would like the firm to be seen. What would we like to be famous for?

After a brisk brainstorming session (fuelled by coffee and doughnuts, as I recall) we arrived at what then become our first strapline:

From where you are in business – to where you want to be.

This became the basis of our mission: helping business owners achieve their ambitions through making the best use of all the resources at their disposal.

There are many ways we can help people do this and each time we work on one of these projects we learn as well.

And the more we have pursued this with our customers, the more we have found that although many had a clear view of what they wanted to achieve when they started their business (the chance to market a new idea, personal independence and financial success) they soon become enmeshed in day to day operations and were not taking the time they needed to refresh their ambitions and plans.

It may be time you paused to take a look at what you are trying to achieve. To help this process, we have created this section on Business strategies to provide some pointers of the areas you may like to consider as part of that process.


Part one of our Routes to success series, “Deciding what you want” – Click the icon

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And the final part of our Routes to success series, “Building the winning team” – Click the icon

We’d love some feedback on this – let us know if it is helpful or if there are other areas you think we should cover. Please send your comments to Jon Stacey -

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