Riley & cloud/online accounting packages

At Riley we have reviewed and operated a number of cloud-based accounting systems. Our service can be completely tailored to your needs and is easily amended as circumstances change.

For instance, you might want us to:

  • Review your VAT return each quarter prior to online submission to check that nothing has been omitted
  • Import your bank statements each week and perform your bank reconciliation at the end of each month
  • Help to set up tagging of entries on your bank statements so that as much as possible is automated and your end of year records are improved
  • Review your month end figures and ensure your reports are as accurate as possible
  • Write a commentary on your monthly accounts so that you (and your other advisers) understand what is happening within your business
  • Set up ratio reports and cashflow analysis from your online records so that you can understand your working capital cycle and what it means for your operations team. Information specific to asset and liability streams to improve cashflow and management.
  • Set up a monthly meeting with you and your key team to discuss what your accounts mean, how the business can learn from them and what improvements can be made. This is an excellent tool for developing your operation team and raising awareness of performance measurement for all areas of the business
  • Set up tax planning reviews based on profit levels and investment plans for the business so that prior your year end you know what you can do to mitigate any tax liability and by when it needs to be done.

For some of our clients we do all the data entry for their accounting records and provide them with management accounts and interpretation each month. For others, we are happy to be at the end of a phone or e-mail ready to answer questions if and when they arise or to be able to review an entry and correct it where required.

Once we have discussed your management needs with you, we can design our service levels to give you complete confidence that your accounting information is up-to-date, reliable and good enough for you to make informed decisions from.

Call Jon Stacey (01752 203647) or Val Doyle (01752 203652) to start the ball rolling.

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