If I wanted a job….at Riley or anywhere else smart……

I would:

  • Read the Riley website carefully, to get a sense of culture and tone.
  • Sign up to Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to see what the firm and partners/managers were saying
  • Read the Riley blog.
  • Ask my friends, contacts etc. if anyone knows someone at Riley who could make an introduction.
  • Be very mindful that my cover letter and CV are the biggest demonstration of whether or not I get accountancy and business services. I would ask myself…how would I make myself different from all the other applicants?
  • Know that they’re going to check my Facebook, Twitter etc. pages.
  • If I had no relevant job experience, I would look at the job experience I did have and figure out what elements of accounting and business services were present there.
  • If I didn’t get the job but still think this is the place for me…I would stay engaged. I would keep reading and I would become someone they notice/know.

I would not:

  • Send a cover letter or CV that even slightly reads like everyone else’s.
  • Rely on any cover letter or CV that came from a book or website
  • Under any circumstances tout my ability to work with people (or that I like them) as a strength or skill.
  • Send anything that a pair (or two) of fresh eyes didn’t proof read. A typo will get me to the top of the “no way” pile.
  • Hit send or lick the envelope until I checked and double checked the spelling of the firm, the partner’s name and anything else (like their clients) that I might reference.
  • Try to BS my way in. Because I should expect that Riley will smell that a mile away.
  • Humiliate myself. I would double check that I put the right cover letter and CV in the right envelope. I’d hate to be the one who makes that mistake.
  • If I really wanted to work here, I wouldn’t give up. I wouldn’t be a stalker, but I would keep at it. I would look for ways to help, even before I got a job there. Because I would believe that I am going to work there eventually and begin behaving like I already do.

You don’t have to do any of this. It’s your job hunt, after all.

But remember, at Riley we are a small team. We hire as much for “culture fit” as we do for competency. We can teach you accountancy. We can’t teach you to be a team player or to have the right attitude. Or to be curious. Or passionate about our work & our customers.

So along with your work and academic achievements, show us that stuff. And show us that you get why that matters. Then, we have something to talk about.

Your job is pretty straight-forward. If you’re smart and creative enough to sell us you, we know you can help our clients.

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